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Behold (Sorta) Redesigned Optimus Truck & New Autobot Cars From The Next TRANSFORMERS Movie!!






Michael Bay has posted the truck-form of his rejiggered Optimus Prime, who'll be re-designed in the fourth TRANSFORMERS film along with the other bots.  

New Optimus truck (TRANSFORMERS 4)


The reveal of Mister Prime here follows yesterday's release of two other Autobots from the film (car form), via Yahoo Movies.  

New Autobot (car form) - TRANSFORMERS 4

New Autobot - TRANSFORMERS 4


So, what I'm inferring from these new car-form designs is that the bots themselves will likely be sleeker and more rounded?  Sorta like Apple Autobots, maybe?  

With the new film hurtling into production for release next Summer, we'll likely get a better sense of what the freshly conceived Autobots and Decepticons will look like in bot form rather soon.  Stay tuned...




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