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The six-movie Blu-ray “Star Trek” set, $101.49 in 2010 and $56.99 last month, has just fallen to its lowest price ever: $32.00 (62% Off!!) $5.34 Per Blu Motion Picture!!

The three-season “Arrested Development” set, $71.98 in November and $62.99 earlier this month, has just fallen (this week only) to its lowest price ever: $24.99 (64% Off!!) $8.34 Per Season!!

The four-movie Blu-ray “Die Hard” set, $53.99 last year and $39.99 last month, has just fallen (this week only) to its lowest price ever: $24.99 (59% Off!!) $6.24 Per Blu Motion Picture!!

The complete Blu-ray “Rome” series set, $131.49 in 2010 and $78.29 last week, has just fallen $43.49. (64% Off!!) CHEAPER THAN USED and just 50 cents higher than its all-time low!!

The four-movie Blu-ray “Star Trek: The Next Generation” set, $61.99 in 2011 and $36.93 last month, has fallen to $30.49 (47% Off!!) $7.62 Per Blu Motion Picture!!

The first season of the brilliant, Emmy-winning “The Rockford Files,” $36.99 in 2011 and $31.22 last month, has just fallen to its lowest price ever: $14.78 (63% Off!!)

The second season of “The Rockford Files,” $36.99 in 2011 and $30.27 last month, has just fallen to its lowest price ever: $14.75 (63% Off!!)

The third season of “The Rockford Files,” $37.99 in 2009 and $29.95 last month, has just fallen to its lowest price ever: $15.49 (61% Off!!)

The fourth season of “The Rockford Files,” $37.99 in 2009 and $30.26 in February, has just fallen to its lowest price ever: $15.99 (61% Off!!)

The first Blu-ray season of “Person of Interest,” $63.96 in July and $46.93 last month, has fallen to its lowest price ever: $19.96!! (71% Off!!)

The latter and more exciting half of Syfy’s excellent “Caprica,” $38.99 in 2011 and $28.43 in February, is now $14.99!! (70% Off!!)

From “Wire” creator David Simon!! The first Blu-ray season of “Treme,” $59.99 in October and $52.10 last week, just fell to its lowest price ever: $21.07!! (74% Off!!)

The second Blu-ray season of “Treme,” $79.98 in August and $51.41 last week, just fell to its lowest price ever: $23.99!! (70% Off!!)

Blu-ray “Star Trek,” $35.99 in 2010 and $18.96 in March, just fell to its lowest price ever: $9.99!! (67% Off!!)

The fourth Blu-ray volume of “Masters of Horror” featuring Takashi Miike’s too-disturbing-for-Showtime “Imprint,” $21.49 in 2010 and $19.99 last year, has fallen to $5.19 (74% Off!!)

The second Blu-ray volume of “Masters of Horror” featuring Lucky McKee’s wonderful and hilarious “Sick Girl,” $21.95 in 2008 and $19.99 last year, is now $5.73 (71% Off!!)

New This Week

An A&E crime drama about a Wyoming sheriff from “The Closer” writer-producers Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny, “Longmire” is based on a series of novels by Craig Johnson. It stars Australian Robert Taylor (“Vertical Limit”), Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Galactica,” “24”), Lou Diamond Phillips (“SGU”), Bailey Chase (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Damages”) and Cassidy Freeman (“Smallville,” “The Playboy Club”).

It’s a decent procedural with some handsome New Mexico scenery, but invites perhaps a few too many comparisons to FX’s much superior “Justified,” which also features a wily, Stetson-sporting lawman (Taylor) chasing down bad guys in rural America.  The much more famous Sackhoff has a smaller role as the lawman's city-trained deputy.

(Another crime drama, the period hourlong “Vegas” that premiered on CBS last fall, put a very similar sheriff’s Stetson upon Dennis Quaid’s head.)

HitFix says:

... I'd like to see the mysteries grow more engaging as the series moves along, but "Longmire" at least starts with a good foundation in Walt, his sidekicks, and the wide, open spaces they travel.

The New York Times says:

... As for the mystery elements, the opening installment feels a bit thin. … As the tale unfolds, some lazy choices are in evidence, which is alarming. You’d think that with the telegraph and the Internet and all, word would have reached even Wyoming by now that central figures in criminal investigations should not stand in front of windows during questioning when a sniper is known to be on the loose. Apparently not. …

The Los Angeles Times says:

... It's an old-fashioned sort of show, working unapologetically toward wisdom rather than cleverness …

The San Francisco Chronicle says:

... There's very little drama, and the pilot episode lumbers along like an overfed elk. …

The Pittburgh Post-Gazette says:

... A&E has tried to move back into scripted programming with the disappointingly generic "The Glades" and paint-by-number action-adventure "Breakout Kings." Compared to those efforts, new drama "Longmire" marks an evolutionary leap forward -- but it may still pale compared to other smart, basic cable dramas. …

The Boston Herald says:

... The mystery tonight might be slight, but the pilot is a dusty little gem.…

USA Today says:

... The opener is a bit plodding and pedestrian, but the setting is gorgeous and a nice change-of-urban-pace, and the cast (including Katee Sackhoff and Lou Diamond Phillips) is fine. …

TV Guide says:

... There's nothing terribly groundbreaking about Longmire as he and his team wrangle with the local, resentful Native-American community in the course of solving mildly puzzling but often violent crimes. But it is satisfying in its own low-key way …

Variety says:

... A&E has hewed closely to crime with the smallest of twists in its scripted efforts, but even by those standards "Longmire" feels low on firepower. …


A new ABC hourlong from writer-producer Melissa Rosenberg (all five “Twilight” vampire movies and many episodes of “Dexter”), “Red Widow” stars the fabulous Australian actress Radha Mitchell (“Pitch Black,” “Melinda and Melinda,” “Silent Hill,” “Surrogates”) as a suburban Bay Area soccer mom who finds herself forced to work for a Russian mobster (“ER” icon Goran Visnjic) to pay off a family debt after her drug-smuggling husband is murdered.

It packs perhaps a solid 25 minutes of plot into its 2-hour pilot.

It’s a great antidote to “The Sopranos,” “Breaking Bad” and “Boardwalk Empire,” reminding us that TV shows about organized crime can be incredibly boring too.

By turns dull and ludicrous, “Red Widow” is easily one of the weakest pilots to find its way to air in this or any other season. ABC ordered eight episodes; I said at the time I’d be flabbergasted if we ever saw a ninth.

The New York Times says:

... the story doesn’t have enough oomph to get you past the credibility gaps. Combine that with a moralizing tendency that was probably necessary for broadcast-network prime time, and you’re left with pretty weak tea. …

The Los Angeles Times says:

... high-aspiring but poorly executed …

The San Francisco Chronicle says:

... staggers into an already listless mid-season Sunday on ABC with a premise borrowed from Dutch TV, a second-tier cast and consistently unconvincing writing throughout. … It takes two hours to lay all this out and about a minute to get that it's a snooze-fest. … This kind of writing is so bad is because it's convenient and not at all credible.

The Washington Post says:

... Summarizing the show here makes me realize how “Red Widow” sounds either tedious or ridiculous, or some familiar combination of the two. But Mitchell’s coolly understated performance makes it all slightly more believable and worth a few episodes to see where it leads. …

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says:

... Bland and toothless … fails to come up with anything that's remotely interesting to watch. … Unlike a black widow, who mates and kills, "Red Widow" seems more likely to bore viewers to death.

The Boston Globe says:

... watching Mitchell as an actress trying to morph from a contented wife into a corrupt widow in a single sitting is painful. … If “Red Widow” were more psychologically twisty or more excessive and over-the-top, it could be more engaging. As it is, the show is ludicrous and not much fun.

The Denver Post says:

  … an off-putting start … 

USA Today says:

... Widow's indifferently performed, dishwater-dull opener give us no real clue as to who Marta is or what she wants — or why anyone would want to watch her pursue it.

Variety says:

... the middling execution hews closer to presenting a desperate housewife than bringing to mind “Breaking Bad.” …

TV-on-Disc Calendar

Last Week
The Aquabats! Super Show! 1.x
The Gene Autry Show 5.x
Hanna Barbara: 25 Cartoon Collection
Highway To Heaven 1.x ($9.99)
Laverne & Shirley 6.x
The Legend of Korra, Book 1: Air
The Lone Ranger: Kemo Sabe
Perception 1.x
Pound Puppies: Mission Adoption
Saving Hope 1.x
Spy 2.x
Teen Wolf 2.x
True Blood 5.x
True Blood 5.x (Blu-ray)

This Week

Annoying Orange 1.x

Beetlejuice 1.x

Beetlejuice: The Complete Series

Covert Affairs 3.x

Doctor Who 7.x Vol. 2

Doctor Who 7.x Vol. 2 (Blu-ray)

Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Doctor Who: The Snowmen (Blu-ray)

George Gently 1.x-4.x (Blu-ray)

George Gently 2.x (Blu-ray)

George Gently 5.x (Blu-ray)

Growing Pains 3.x

Longmire 1.x

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2.x Vol. 2

Red Widow 1.x

Suits 2.x

Superman: Bizarro

Superman: Brainiac

Superman: Metallo

Tiny Toon Adventures Vol. 4

Next Week
Adventure Time 1.x (Blu-ray)
Adventure Time 2.x
Adventure Time 2.x (Blu-ray)

All Dogs Go To Heaven 3.x NEW!!
The Big C 3.x NEW!!
Breaking Bad 5.x

Breaking Bad 5.x (Blu-ray)
Combat 3.x
Falling Skies 2.x
Happiness Is Peanuts: 4 Kid Favorites
Ice Road Truckers 6.x
Littlest Pet Shop: Sweetest Pets
The Lone Ranger Collector's Edition
The Lone Ranger: 25 Episodes
Major Crimes 1.x
McHale's Navy: 20 Episodes
Mountain Men 1.x

Pretty Little Liars 3.x
Rawhide 6.x

Superman: The Best Of
White Collar 4.x
Wilfred Australia 1.x
Wilfred: The Complete Australian Series

June 11
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.x
All Dogs Go To Heaven 3.x
Big Bad Beetleborgs 2.x Vol. 1
Burn Notice 6.x
The Dick Van Dyke Show 3.x (Blu-ray)

Doctor Who: Doctors Revisited 1-4

Doctor Who: Inferno
Doctor Who: The Mind Of Evil

Fairly Legal 2.x
Ghost Hunters 8.x Vol. 2
House of Cards 1.x

House of Cards 1.x (Blu-ray)
The Lone Ranger: 80th Anniversary Edition
Misfits 3.x

Necessary Roughness 2.x
The Newsroom 1.x

The Newsroom 1.x (Blu-ray)
Perry Mason 9.x Vol. 1
Power Rangers Super Samurai Vol. 4
Rizzoli & Isles 3.x
Transformers: Rescue Bots Energize
Tom & Jerry Golden Collection Vol. 2
Tom & Jerry Golden Collection Vol. 2 (Blu-ray)
Tom & Jerry In Space
Tom & Jerry: Magical Misadventures
Tosh.0 Vol. 3
Wagon Train 8.x
Wedding Band: The Complete Series
The Wild Thornberries 3.x

June 18
Austin & Ally Vol. 1
Body of Proof 3.x
Call The Midwife 2.x
Call The Midwife 2.x (Blu-ray)
Drop Dead Diva 4.x
Fraggle Rock 4.x

Golden Years: The Complete Miniseries
Good Luck Charlie: Enjoy The Ride
The Jungle Book: Adventures Of Mowgli - The Beginning
The Jungle Book: Adventures Of Mowgli - The Complete Collection
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness - Good Croc, Bad Croc
Lab Rats

The Langoliers: The Complete Miniseries
Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated 2.x Vol. 2
Shake It Up!
Slugterra Vol. 2

The Stand: The Complete Miniseries
Web Therapy 2.x
Wilfred 2.x
Wilfred 2.x (Blu-ray)
Workaholics 3.x
Workaholics 3.x (Blu-ray)

June 25
CSI NY 9.x
CSI NY 9-Season Pack
Fat Albert: The Complete Series

Green Lantern 1.x Vol. 2
Inspector Lewis 6.x
Inspector Lewis 6.x (Blu-ray)

Looney Tunes 50 Cartoon Collection
Mad TV 3.x
Peter Gunn 2.x

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil 2.x
Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex

July 2
The Dick Van Dyke Show 4.x (Blu-ray)
Last Resort: The Complete Series
The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis: The Complete Series
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3.x

July 9
Ben 10 Omniverse Vol. 2
Bonanza 6.x
Dynasty 7.x
How the States Got Their Shapes 2.x
How The West Was Won 1.x

Kimba: The Complete Series
Last of the Summer Wine 1999
Portlandia 3.x

Portlandia 3.x (Blu-ray)
Quincy 6.x
Robot Chicken: DC Comics

Robot Chicken: DC Comics (Blu-ray)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Enter Shredder
Unforgettable 1.x
Warehouse 13 4.x

July 16

Alphas 2.x
The Border 1.x

Combat 4.x

Damages 5.x
Femme Fatales 2.x
George Lopez 3.x
Hell On Wheels 2.x
Hell On Wheels 2.x (Blu-ray)
Legend of Korra: Book One

Legend of Korra: Book One (Blu-ray)
Liberty's Kids: The Complete Series
Matlock 9.x
Matlock: The Complete Series
Orphan Black 1.x

Orphan Black 1.x (Blu-ray)
Power Rangers Samurai Vol. 5
Regular Show 1.x/2.x
Regular Show 1.x/2.x (Blu-ray)

Shameless UK 1.x/2.x
Smurfs to the Rescue
Tom and Jerry: No Mice Allowed

The Virginian 8.x

Young Justice 2.x Vol. 2

July 23
Dragons: Riders Of Berk Vol. 1/Vol. 2 NEW!!
Duck Dodgers 2.x
The Jack Benny Program: The Lost Episodes

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXVII
Superjail 3.x

Super Friends 5.x
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.x

July 30
The Angry Beavers: The Complete Series
Banshee 1.x

Banshee 1.x (Blu-ray)
Kendra On Top 1.x
Midsomer Murders 1.x-5.x
Power Rangers 4.x-7.x

Star Trek The Next Generation 4.x (Blu-ray)

Star Trek The Next Generation: Redemption (Blu-ray)
Touched By An Angel 8.x

August 6
Battlestar Galactica: The Motion Picture (Blu-ray) NEW!!
The Borgias 3.x (Blu-ray)

The Borgias 3.x (Blu-ray)

Community 4.x

Duck Dynasty 3.x NEW!!

Fridays: Best Of

Gunsmoke 9.x

Midsomer Murders Vol. 22 NEW!!
Political Animals: The Complete Series
Ripcord 1.x
Ripcord 2.x

Smash 2.x NEW!!
Strike Back: Cinemax 2.x
Strike Back: Cinemax 2.x (Blu-ray)
Taz-Mania 1.x Vol. 2
The Thick Of It 1.x-4.x
Top Gear 3.x

August 13

Amazing World of Gumball Vol. 3 NEW!!

Combat 5.x

Enlightened 2.x
Family Ties 7.x
Girls 2.x

Girls 2.x (Blu-ray)

The Mindy Project 1.x
The Office 9.x

The Office 9.x (Blu-ray)
Once Upon A Time 2.x

Once Upon A Time 2.x (Blu-ray)

Perry Mason 9.x Vol. 2

Perry Mason: The Complete Series
Southland 5.x NEW!!

Totally Spies 1.x

Ultra Q: The Complete Series

August 20
Being Human 5.x

Being Human 5.x (Blu-ray)
Boardwalk Empire 3.x

Boardwalk Empire 3.x (Blu-ray)
CatDog 4.x
Donkey Kong Country NEW!!

Revenge 2.x

August 27
Grey's Anatomy 9.x
Sons of Anarchy 5.x

Sons of Anarchy 5.x (Blu-ray)
The Vampire Diaries 4.x
The Vampire Diaries 4.x (Blu-ray)

September 3

Scandal 2.x
Sinbad 1.x

Sinbad 1.x (Blu-ray)
2 Broke Girls 2.x

September 10

Army Wives 7.x

Arrow 1.x
Arrow 1.x (Blu-ray)
The Big Bang Theory 6.x
The Big Bang Theory 6.x (Blu-ray)

Castle 5.x

Homeland 2.x
Homeland 2.x (Blu-ray)

Revolution 1.x

Scooby-Doo: 13 Spooky Tales Run for Your Rife NEW!!
Supernatural 8.x
Supernatural 8.x (Blu-ray)

September 17
Nashville 1.x

September 24
American Horror Story 2.x

American Horror Story 2.x (Blu-ray)

October 1
The Middle 3.x

December 10

The Following 1.x
The Following 1.x (Blu-ray)

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