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PACIFIC RIM - TV Spot 2 - It just looks like the most beautiful geekgasm yet!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Can you believe this thing?  Look at that.  Look at the colors, the amazing environmental effects...  it's just a package that when you put how cool the robots look, with how cool the monsters look, and how cool every element looks...  it just looks cooler than everything every by a massive factor.   And we're still only getting a glimpse at a very tiny portion of the spectacle that this film has in store for us.   I love the MAN OF STEEL stuff, but this...  We've never seen a live action film even come close to touching the beautiful insanity unleashed.   This...  this is what my summer is centered around.   I mean, just look at that awesome foot coming down on that vehicle.   It has the atmospher of that Gorgo Claw and the Boat shot that was so awesome, but the full ferocity of BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA.    Can not wait!


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