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Roland Emmerich unleashes a symphony of elements in this BTS Featurette of WHITE HOUSE DOWN!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Roland Emmerich is one helluva of  visual & visceral filmmaker - and when his films aren't hacking the mothership with a Mac and following the bouncy cannonball...  but when  he's putting on a show...   Like... sit back, don't relax, because Michael Bay only thinks he can unleash mayhem on the scale of Roland Emmerich.   Now - Roland has Magic Mike working with a President Django - and from the looks of it, D.C. will again know the manic and cinematic wrath of Roland Emmerich.   And we will watch and pop popcorn with a big smile on our face.   Even though...   when we actually think about the wanton destruction...  I just smile, because what's great about these explosions is that NOBODY DIED.   It's magic, not mayhem.   Emmerich believes in the best fireworks - and he's also always had a love of incorporating model work and actual built sets...  that he can blow up.   I wonder, could WHITE HOUSE DOWN be a big summer sleeper?   Jamie Fox and Channing Tatum have been a powerful pair - they're going to work the talk show circuit better than anyone - but in a summer of IRON MAN, FURIOUS 6, PACIFIC RIM and MAN OF STEEL - is it enough to really catch our attention?   We'll see, here's the featurette:


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