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Universal may not have a new JURASSIC PARK, but Fox has WALKING WITH DINOSAURS 3D due this Christmas!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   I know a lot of folks that are upset about the new JURASSIC PARK having it's momentum pulled...  and yeah, this isn't going to completely make that better...  But take a look at WALKING WITH DINOSAURS 3D trailer from Fox.  The animation is being handled by Animal Logic, the Australian Digital effects company that have contributed work on everything from BABE to The MATRIX Trilogy to 300 & SUCKERPUNCH and a whole bunch of stuff inbetween.   The directors of this film have some history too.   Barry Cook did effects animation on the original TRON to working on CAPTAIN EO and went on to direct MULAN for Disney.  Then the other director Neil Nightingale, he comes from a completely different world.   He's been producing Nature documentaries for a while now...   I find that an interesting combination - the main pull being ANIMAL LOGIC, because let's face it...   We want cool looking dinosaurs in 3D - and they seem to be delivering some cool visuals - even if they aren't quite at the Jurassic Park quality of realism...   they still look damn cool.    I just want someone to give Phil Tippett $150 million and complete and total free reign to create a PREHISTORIC TIMES film - where there's no dialogue...   Just the sounds primordial Earth - and Dinos being the insane dinos that Phil would give us.     Now take a looksie...


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