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MAN OF STEEL TV Spot #6 - I give up, I'm just dying to see this thing!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Watching TV SPOT #6 - I realized that I've really no clue what I'm looking at.   I mean - The shots of Jor-El talking to Kal-El as a grown up - visually it reads as though an unaged Jor-El is actually there talking to Kal-El...  Of course it might just seem to look like that - but then the Superman crucifix floating out of a ship towards Earth...  that's also confusing to me.   I wonder exactly what the origin is this time.  I'm open to changes and doing all sorts of crazy things with SUPERMAN - after all, I enjoyed the Christopher Reeve films even though they brought in big Crystal tech, which had nothing to do with the comics, and magic memory erasing kisses - although I've always like the idea that Clark used his x-ray and heat vision to burn the memory from her mind... So there's a whole lot of latitude that I'm giving to Snyder/Nolan and crew...  but most of all...  I'm tired of the teases.  I just need to friggin see the movie.   It's got my brain looking and revisiting every released image and interview and trying to imagine the film.   Cuz, that's the way my noggin works - this foreplay though is excruciating.   Why isn't it here already?!?!?!?


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