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The INDY 500 Featurette about TURBO proves that Ferrari moves at a Snail's Pace!

Hey folks, Harry here - seems this year Hollywood is pushing their F1 racing association.   We have Ron Howard doing RUSH - and we have Jeffrey Katzenberg and his DREAMWORKS ANIMATION giving a snail a bit of a Barry Allen accident to make that snail go TURBO.  So strange that at the same time, my home town of Austin has become attached to racing, due to our new F1 racing track that kicked off last year!   Now the voice cast for this is incredible - and if you've seen the TURBO lobby displays - surely they've given you a smile.   Well - here's the latest featurette - what do you think of a superfast Snail?   I just hope they make Snails that you drag backwards and let go of - to see the snail race across the kitchen floor.   Or how about Hot Wheels tracks with Snails racing instead of cars...  the mind boggles at the merch opportunities...   or maybe it doesn't - but aren't you curious?


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