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Green-Band and Red-Band trailers for the new Jason Sudeikis & Jennifer Aniston VACATION ripoff, WE'RE THE MILLERS are here!!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

We have the first two trailers for WE’RE THE MILLERS. A nice green band one, and a very NSFW red-band one. This movie’s premise is one that I want to hate but I would be lying if I said the red-band trailer didn’t make me chuckle a few times. Here is the NSFW red band:

Okay, a few thoughts,

1. I think Will Poulter (SON OF RAMBOW) steals the trailer and will probably end up stealing up the movie (watch his School of Comedy videos on Youtube).

2. It sucks to see Tomer Sisley (who was so awesome in SLEEPLESS NIGHT) cast in such a lame looking role as a stereotypical European drug dealer.

3. Ron Swanson is in this so I will definitely be seeing it opening weekend.                      

4. This is director, Rawson Thurber’s first big studio film since 2004’s DODGEBALL, which blows my mind. That was one of the better American comedies of the first decade and he hasn’t done anything in almost ten years. That makes me wonder what happened with WE’RE THE MILLERS that made him want this to be his comeback movie.

I guess we will find out when WE’RE THE MILLERS hits theaters August 9, 2013. Oh yeah and here is that green band trailer I promised (if you have watched the red-band don’t worry about watching the green band):

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