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Sandler, Piss, Barf, And Hayek Grace The New GROWN UPS 2 Trailer!!

I saw the first GROWN UPS and don't recall much about the movie at all.  This said, I laughed out loud at the first trailer for its sequel.  And, while much of the material in this new trailer is similar, I laughed here as well.  The deer pissing on Sandler continues to amuse, and says so much about so many things in in so many ways.  Spade spewing all over that truck tire?   Reminds me of the time my son blew gooey SpaghettiO chunks all over a crowd after climbing down from one of those spinny gyroscope rides at the school carnival...great times, yeah, another smile.  

GROWN UPS 2 hits in July.   


I wonder what it is about deep appearing in David Spade movies.  Remember TOMMY BOY?


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