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Microsoft's Reveal Of The Next XBOX Is Upon Us, And Streaming Here!!

A live event today will bring word of Microsoft's next XBOX - and presumably illuminate the company's plans for its current models.  

There've been innumerable rumors about what this new console will be like...and precious little clarity.  Will the new device assert itself as an entertainment hub as many rumors have suggested, or focus on being a predominantly gaming device as other murmurs have alluded?  Will XBOX finally adopt Blu-ray playback capability, effectively matching a sizable chunk of PlayStation's thunder?  Or will games be delivered in means that are not necessarily disc based (we do, after all, have that recurrent hydra of the next XBOX supposedly needing to remain connected to the Net in order to function).  Will the new XBOX allow users to play previously owned titles, or will some sort of locking protocol be implemented...which would prevent the system from playing games that others have has been controversially suggested?  Will its 'next generation' graphics knock our socks off?  The recent PS4 reveal demoed a few titles which floored - but a number of rollouts didn't feel like as large a leap forward as many had expected.  And will Kinetc become more integrated (and hopefully more precise) than ever?  We can probably bet on this happening.    

And...what of this?  

So many questions...we'll see what gets clarified, and becomes murkier, very soon now.  If this embed is working properly, you should see a countdown to the beginning of Microsoft's reveal event - which'll be lived streamed via the player below (a tip of the hat to Rev3 GamesIGN).  

Until then - what features do you hope the next XBOX will have - what approach do you hope it will take?  What qualities do you hope WON'T be incorporated into the console?   




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