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That’s Larry David??
HBO’s Promo For

I am – Hercules!!

I saw this on HBO just before “Game of Thrones” Sunday and had no clue the fellow driving the convertible was “Curb Your Enthusiasm” mastermind Larry David. (I think he looks like frequent collaborator Larry Charles!)

“Clear History” started out as an untitled Fox Searchlight big-screen movie. David, Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton are still in it now that it’s an HBO TV-movie.

When was the last time you saw a new TV-movie comedy?

It’s about an angry guy who sells all his stock in the software company he just quit, stock that’s worth millions shortly after he sells it.

The comedy-mystery was written by the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” team of David, Alec Berg, David Mandel, and Jeff Schaffer. Greg Mottola, who has directed both big-screen fare (“Superbad,” “Adventureland,” “Paul”) and HBO fare (“The Comeback,” “The Newsroom”), is helming.

As the teaser indicates, it hits HBO in August.

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