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Steven Seagal might be joining THE EXPENDABLES 3!!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

If you have a Twitter account and you don’t follow Sylvester Stallone, you are really missing out. He is honest and open and he breaks all of his news there. (He even had us try to guess the director that he had chosen for EXPENDABLES 3) Here is some more news, according to Sly, he met with Steven Seagal about a role in THE EXPENDABLES 3. Allegedly, Seagal is ready to accept a role, “if the part fits”. I’m not sure what kind of part Seagal is looking for but he really is the last holdout of the 80’s action stars that haven't been apart of this franchise (Jackie Chan doesn't count).

I had a lot of fun with both EXPENDABLES movies but I was raised on these kind of films when I was really young. When I was 7, I thought for sure I was going to be one of those action stars someday. In fact, UNDER SIEGE was one of the movies I watched over and over again when I was a kid and I loved Steven Seagal. Most of his films didn't hold up as I got older (although UNDER SIEGE is still a fun movie) but the nostalgia alone makes me want this to happen.

I understand that these films aren’t the most intelligent but they have a special meaning to me so I will always be excited for these films. What about you guys? Are you excited for this? Do you like Steven Seagal? Should he play a hero or a villain?

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