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EUROPA REPORT Trailer Imagines A Scientifically Realistic Trip To One Of Jupiter's Moons!


Beaks here...

What did David Bowman say, folks? "All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landing there." So of course we say fuck it, and beeline straight for the forbidden moon of Jupiter!

Obviously, Sebastian Cordero's EUROPA REPORT has no connection to the work of Arthur C. Clarke, so Bowman's warning has no bearing on the mission undertaken in his film. That said, after the initial exhilaration of setting foot on a moon some 390,400,000 miles from Earth wears off, it looks like things get a little hairy for the astronauts (led by Sharlto Copley). Maybe Clarke had the right idea.

It looks like this film will touch on some of the stranded-in-space horror of GRAVITY, while also incorporating some of the psychological torment of SOLARIS. This is a very intriguing trailer. In fact, I recommend that you watch it in HD over at Apple's trailer site!


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