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Last minute red-band trailer for THE HANGOVER PART III released!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

Is anybody excited for this? Well here comes Warner Brothers’ last ditch effort to convince you to see THE HANGOVER PART III. PART II was a big disappointment for many of you and Todd Phillips and gang are trying to make that up to us with PART III.

I have a feeling though that this is going to be a disappointment box office wise, as a lot of the goodwill that was established with the first one, was squandered with the second one. (Not to mention it is opening against FAST AND FURIOUS 6, which appeals to similar demographics and seriously who is going to see this instead?)

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of buzz on this one at all. I am sure WB realizes this and is trying to create some at the last minute with the release of this red-band trailer. It didn’t do anything for me, especially considering the best bits of it are scenes from the first one. But everyone involved is promising that this will be a satisfying conclusion to “THE WOLFPACK TRILOGY”. What that means I don't know but if some of these characters don’t die in the film I am going to be disappointed.

THE HANGOVER PART III hits theaters next week on May 23rd but I am positive most of you will be seeing FAST AND FURIOUS 6.

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