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New PACIFIC RIM Trailer Takes A Battleship Upside The Head Of Every Other Summer Movie Trailer!


Beaks here...

With STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS opening this weekend, WB has decided to unleash their most extensive, action-packed trailer for PACIFIC RIM yet. If you weren't already sold on Guillermo del Toro's Jaeger vs. Kaiju epic, this should close the deal. If you were already excited, perhaps change into some old jeans before watching this.


As has been said many times, it's not the scale of destruction that's mindblowing, it's the fine detailing del Toro has put into his world. Working from a screenplay by Travis Beacham, he's poured his heart and soul into the crafting of a classic giant monster movie, the kind we could only dream about when we were kids. The governing principle here seems to be "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" Judging from this trailer, it's more than cool. It's fucking orgasmic.

PACIFIC RIM hits theaters on July 12, 2013.

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