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Chris Pine to STRETCH for Joe Carnahan's next film!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

I know most of you will be more concerned with Chris Pine’s new film about to be released this weekend, but The Wrap is reporting that he has just signed on to star in NARC, THE GREY, and SMOKIN’ ACES director, Joe Carnahan’s next film, STRETCH.

The only details about STRETCH that we know so far is that it will star Patrick Wilson as “a down on his luck chauffeur looking to relieve his debt by driving around a mysterious billionaire who drags him to hell and back.” Pine’s role is being kept a secret but a lot of people enjoyed his brief role in SMOKIN’ ACES and that movie certainly has it’s fans, (I am not one of them) so no matter the size of the role there is something to be excited about for most of us.

STRETCH is going to be a low budget indie thriller that will be shopped at this month’s Cannes Film Festival. It’s not as splashy as the remake of DEATH WISH or the reboot of DAREDEVIL that Carnahan was trying to get off the ground but anything he is involved in, I am going to pay attention to. (If you haven’t seen the sizzle reel he created for DAREDEVIL, please go watch it now.) NARC was one of the most underrated films of the last decade and THE GREY was one of my favorite films of last year so I am sure this project is going to be solid and worth paying attention to as it comes together to shoot later this year.

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