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A Trailer For ABOUT TIME, Richard Curtis' New Time Travel Movie!!

So my dreams of someday seeing a post-Moffat DOCTOR WHO overseen by Richard Curtis (BLACKADDER, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL) and starring Bill Nighy as the Doctor will likely never come to fruition - although in my universe 1) I absolutely think it should and 2) such a notion does not seem as random or incalculable as one might initially think. Curtis scripted a recent DOCTOR WHO episode called Vincent and the Doctor, in which Nighy appeared. And, now it seems the pair have re-united for nothing less than a time travel movie!

This looks like a lot of fun.  Curtis' LOVE ACTUALLY is one of my most favorite movies, ever - and while it's hugely uneven, his PIRATE RADIO (aka THE BOAT THAT ROCKED) had tons of interesting moves. Very excited to see what Curtis & Co. have in store for us when ABOUT TIME hits later this year. 


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