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John Ary From AICN'S STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS/ROBOCOP Screening!! Peter Weller Q&A Highlights!!


John Ary here with some footage from one the best Saturday's in the history of the world. It's not everyday that you get to watch a film with one of its stars in attendance. It's even more rare when you get to hear that star talk for more than 90 minutes about the mime who saved Robocop, his experiences hanging out with William S. Burroughs, cinematic history, modern art, the Stonewall Riots, why Italy has the best voice over dubbing in the world, getting cast in J.J. Abrams projects and more.

This weekend, some lucky AICN readers got to watch Star Trek Into Darkness and Robocop with Peter Weller holding Q&A's before and after each of the films. Our camera was rolling for most of the discussion, with no topic off limits. You can see the entire Robocop Q&A here, but if you want some of the juicier bits, I've cut them up and embedded them below:





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