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AICN COMICS: Missed C2E2? No problem! Here are 2 panels to enjoy; “The CHEW Panel” & “I Have No Sewing Machine, but I Must Cosplay!”!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here. Just in case you didn’t get to last weekend’s C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Thanks to Jamie Coville, we have panels to share with you guys all week! So check out the panels by clicking the titles below!

The CHEW Panel (1:00:58, 55.8mb)

John Layman and Rob Guillory start of the panel by announcing the TV deal is dead, knowing that's what everybody wants to know. He explained what happened with it and why he thinks Chew won't be done as a Live Action TV series. They spend the hour answering questions from the audience and explaining what they plan on doing with Chew outside of comics. John goes into how Chew started and the how he ended up hiring Rob to draw it. John revealed when the series is going to end and at least 1 character who will live to the end. The group talked about funny comic industry in jokes that's within the series. Rob also talks a bit about his history working in the comic industry prior to Chew. The two also answered questions from the audience.

I Have No Sewing Machine, but I Must Cosplay! (1:02:44, 57.4mb)

On the panel was Chris Troy (cosplayer), Meryle Idzerda and Lyndsey Cepak (both costume makers). They had talked about not being ashamed about buying or having a costume made for you. They said cosplaying is about having fun and not to let other peoples opinions about the "proper" way to cosplay get in the way of that. They gave lots of advise on where to get costumes or parts of costumes, the pitfalls of buying costumes and places where there are great do it yourself tutorials. They also went into the types of materials to use that look good, are light and easy to work with. Lyndsay also advised when starting to cosplay to do something simple and progress there (if you want to). She told a horror story of trying to do a full Iron Man costume saying how much time and money she spent on it and eventually had to give up on it. The group also answered questions and gave tips to the cosplayers in the audience.

Thanks, Jamie! Look for more panels from C2E2 tomorrow!

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