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Christopher McQuarrie Races Towards ICE STATION ZEBRA!!


Per THR, Christopher McQuarrie looks to be returning ICE STATION ZEBRA to the big screen. McQuarrie would write and direct.  

Alistair McClean's novel of the same name - about a submarine crew's race to retrieve a downed satellite, and the espionage and shenanigans surrounding said effort - was previously moviefied by John Sturgess (director of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and THE GREAT ESCAPE) in 1968.  That picture starred Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, and Patrick McGoohan.  

McQuarrie - whose recent JACK REACHER adaptation was rather well-regarded despite its under-performance - is perhaps best known to Geeks as scripter of Bryan Singer's THE USUAL SUSPECTS, and writer/director of 2000's WAY OF THE GUN.  

In recent years, McQuarrie has been connected to a TOP GUN sequel (which I'm guessing may now spin apart given Tony Scott's absence), and has been pegged as the writer/helmer of a fifth MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE film.   How ICE STATION ZEBRA will impact MISSION 5 - or whether it would at all - remains to be seen.  

Whatever happens with this film, I hope it ends up with a poster as badass as this one...


ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968) poster





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