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Tom Cruise shocks the world by committing to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Mike Fleming is reporting that Tom Cruise will be returning for yet another MISSION IMPOSSIBLE film.   Now, it has long been being reported that Christopher McQuarrie, who last directed Cruise in the excellent JACK REACHER (out on Blu tomorrow), would be directing this installment, but we've yet to actually get this confirmed by the studio or by McQuarrie himself.   It is also unknown if any of his impossible mission force will be returning with Cruise.   However, we can all rest easy knowing that Ethan is on the case.  It is also unknown who is writing this installment, let's hope it is actually McQuarrie, who has been known to turn a phrase for quite some time.   Personally, I hope they actually take a break from the personal attacks on Ethan - and actually have a mission that a team cracks with the full resources of the IMF.   Now, when this film will be getting underway is anyone's guess - as Tom has announced a group of projects including a MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. franchise with the Lone Ranger and that Sci Fi property he optioned YUKIKAZE, that VAN HELSING reboot, the remake of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and whatever else he has up his sleeves.

Tom's a busy man!

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