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Axel Braun's WOLVERINE parody shows why we will never see Wolvie in his classic costume

Hey folks, Harry here...   In recent years, Axel Braun has truly made a name for himself by not only doing Porn Parodies that play directly to the fanboys & girls of the world by placing his actors in really sharply made costumes, but in many cases, he is creating costumes that look beter than many of the Hollywood films he's playing off of.   Now fans have been wanting to see WOLVERINE in his classic X-Men costume - Bryan Singer has made jokes out of the costume in his X-MEN films - and now Axel has decided to take on the Adamantium Hard X-MEN and let him play with Domino, Jean Grey, Rogue, Mariko, Spider-Man, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Deadpool and who knows who else.   The teaser has been seen by nobody yet...  so here ya go, it is 100% safe for work:


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