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AICN's Austin screening of the all true insane adventure, KON TIKI, is Wednesday!

Hey folks, Harry here - Do you love tales of awesome adventure?  True adventure.   The kind of human endeavor that when you scour newspapers, magazines and television reports - you want still more information?   That's KON TIKI.  This is the story of Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian Adventurer and Writer that believed that the peoples of South America sailed on rafts from their continent to habitize the Polynesian Islands across the Pacific - and he set out on a raft to prove it could be done.   This was 1947.  And it electrified the world.  This film was nominated for BEST FOREIGN FILM at the Oscars this year, but this is the first time it is playing in Austin and man - I'm jazzed.   Just check out this trailer:


So how do you get in?  Easy, 1st come 1st Served will be joining me at the Highland Galaxy here in Austin at 7:30pm the Wednesday the 8th of May!!!   So let's get 190 of ya!

Send me an email to: HK at AintItCool.Com with the following subject line:

I Want To See A Norwegian Sail The Pacific On A Balsa Wood Raft!

Then in the body of your email - include your full name and the names of your guests (up to 3 additional people)

And as soon as I get the screening filled up, I'll email everyone that got in back!

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