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HAMMER OF THE GODS releases a Red Band Trailer that shows a Dr. Who director getting Bloody!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Director Farren Blackburn is helming his first Feature Film.  But if you've been watching this season's DR. WHO - you may remember his work upon THE RINGS OF AKHATEN or a couple years back when he directed the DR. WHO Christmas episode, THE DOCTOR, THE WIDOW AND THE WARDROBE.   So what whimsical time traveling dimension hopping kind of fun is his first feature?   Well, it's set a long time ago and is called HAMMER OF THE GODS.

Now that's a ballsy title, because it implies something truly spectacular...  but what you'll see in this trailer is something far more grounded.   Seems to be a very gritty, bloody flick...  one that doesn't seem have Gods involved - or even their hammer.   But it does look curious.   Magnolia will be putting this up for PPV and it will also have a petite theatrical.   Check out the trailer to see if it grabs your interest!


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