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So how big is the spectacle for MAN OF STEEL? Latest TV spot gives a glimpse

Hey folks, Harry here...  One of the things that I love about keeping track of films is watching as they begin to spread their wings...  when they dare to open up and share the scope of their lunacy.   MAN OF STEEL has been playing everything very close to the cape.   Even the score seems to indicate a very non-linear telling of the story.   But that could just be the order that Zimmer decided to list the tracks, but the scale of what Superman is going to have to deal with...   well...   The latest TV SPOT that hit today...   Things looks to be getting a tad ID4 on Metropolis.   Will SUPERMAN just fly around the world to reverse it all?   I seriously doubt it.   Zod seems bent on total fucking destruction - and how will Kal-El fair against Kryptonian tech?  Here you go:


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