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AICN COMICS: Missed C2E2? No problem! Here are 2 panels to enjoy; “Integrating Comics into the Common Core” & “Silver Age Trivia Challenge”!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here. Just in case you didn’t get to last weekend’s C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Thanks to Jamie Coville, we have panels to share with you guys all week! So check out the panels by clicking the titles below!

Integrating Comics into the Common Core (48:57, 44.8mb)

Moderating the panel was Josh Elders who is involved with Reading with On the panel was Carol Tilley from University of Illinois and Jim McClain. Josh talked about Reading with Pictures and how its purpose is to make graphic novel text books that could be used in class. He showed examples already done, one part by Roger Landridge of Muppets fame. Jim McClain is a math teacher who often heard that GNs could teach any subject except math. Challenge accepted he said. He produced a comic book at his expense that had a team with math names and type powers and they get into problems that require math to resolve. He was selling the print edition at his booth, but a digital version is on Comixology. The book is called Solution Squad. Carol Tilley talked about her role as a teacher for Librarians trying to expand the use of graphic novels in classrooms and libraries. Questions were asked and answered towards the end of the panel.

Silver Age Trivia Challenge! (45:51, 41.9mb)

Mr. Silver Age Craig Shutt moderates an Silver Age Trivia Challenge between Mark Waid and 5 fans. The fans are:Mike Chary, Jason Fliegel, Mike Sangiacomo, Jim Caldwell and Doug Tonks.The microphone is by the 5 fans so you can hear them deliberate their answers. A mix of Marvel and DC questions were asked about a wide area of topics, from identifying a villain by their first line of dialogue in a comic to whether a DC story was true, imaginary, a dream or a hoax. Do you know who Sif's brother is? Who is the first super villain Daredevil fought? Who was the first DC Silver Age Superhero to debut in their own ongoing title? Or what does Superman have to write on the blackboard when he's called into court? The answers are revealed along with other brain devouring bits of Silver Age comic trivia. This was conduction on a stage located on the showroom floor, so some background noise is present.

Thanks, Jamie! Look for more panels from C2E2 tomorrow!

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