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Spring Loaded Rocket Firing Boba Fett - Harry's May The Fourth Be With You Nostalgia!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Today - like a ton of geeks all over the world, I celebrated FREE COMIC BOOK DAY falling upon May The 4th Be With You day - by hitting up my favorite Comic Store in the World, Austin Books & Comics here in my home town.   

Before I get my Free 10 comics they offer their patrons on this day, I went into the store.   I like to find my purchases on this day, before I pick out my free loot.  Given the magnitude of this Geek day, I decided I wanted to pick up something STAR WARS from them and behind the counter I eyeballed the perfect item.  

Gentle Giant's Giant Sized Spring Loaded Rocket-Firing Boba Fett...  12 inches of unfulfilled glory.

Most every geek of my generation has an incredibly personal connection to BOBA FETT and specifically to a rocket firing Boba Fett.  For many of us, the notifications on action figures that saving up proofs of purchases and mailing them off we could get a Rocket Firing Boba Fett action figure.  At my Robert E Lee Elementary School - I didn't know a kid that didn't send off for it.   The universal disappointment when the non-firing BOBA FETT toy arrived was our first real profound STAR WARS slap of reality.   

The toy was still cool.   Just taking BOBA FETT out of that rectangular white box...  it was a huge deal.  The toy symbolized the continuation of STAR WARS.   

Remember - those of us that saw the original STAR WARS - when we saw that first film, for the first 120 times, there was no EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE, that didn't become a part of the film until the 1981 rerelease AFTER the release of EPISODE V: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.  I was there for the first showing with all my friends and when that change in the crawl came up - we all looked at each other like, "WHAT THE HELL?!?" 

Changes and permutations of STAR WARS and Star Wars merch has always been a part of STAR WARS, we took these films apart - discovering minute changes in soundtrack and even scenes that slightly changed - and it has caused an infinite amount of arguments between older fans and the younger fans that discovered the films later.

I've always tried to take all the changes in stride, sure there's changes that just blew unbelievably, but those changes and the passion that we felt when discussing them...  it's what made us the passionate generation of adult-children that we are.   And I for one celebrate that.

That's why I got this awesome toy today.

It was out of the package before I got home.  And yes, I fired the missile while I was still in the car.   And it didn't quite eject that first attempt at firing it, but I perfected the skill in using the spring-loaded ejector - and upon second attempt that missile flew out of Boba Fett's rocket pack, bounced off the ceiling of the car, hit on the floor of the car between my legs and instantly rolled under my seat.   I TELL YOU!  Toy missiles want to be lost.   They do not like to be fired repeatedly, that's why they hide.

But as I look at this toy on May The Fourth...  I can't help but wonder about EPISODE VII.

My mind turns to it too often.   It isn't just the film - it's how the film will be marketed to us.   Like...  Will JJ release a "first figure" from Episode VII through some special offer?   I hope so, that'd be too cool.   What will that first Teaser Poster look like - and when will we get it.   I mean, we're just 2 years out.   I just can't wait for the initial title reveal.  Even moreso, I'm eager for that Talkback.   I mean, THE PHANTOM MENACE title talkback is one of my all time favorite Talkbacks! This is gonna be one helluva ride!

I'm a geek, like my father before me - and on this exceptionally Geeky Day, I give thanks for all of us and all the awesome changes that have given us so much to obsess over.

At Austin Books - there was a geek in a custom Bat-Corvette...   He had a friend in a Robin Costume and they were taking pictures with incredibly elated children that were lined up to get their free loot.  I saw friends gathering up stuff to buy and their 10 free comics - and I didn't quite catch a glimpse of FatherGeek.   His car was in the lot, but we missed each other at the store.   When I called him, he was already at Capstone Comics' new location - and was excited that they had a different selection of Free Comics.   So much so, that he told me he was headed to Dragon's Lair to score even more.    

Dad's a huge comic geek.  He sold comics before the first Overstreet Price Guide - He's scoring books for his Grandson and himself.   And running all over town to do it.  He really is that awesome.   

How are you spending this geeky day?  Perhaps you're taking in IRON MAN 3 or watching CLONE WARS with your kids.   Hopefully you frequented your local Comic Shop or used the day as an excuse to spoil yourself a bit. Or maybe it was time for the Original Trilogy.  I'm so elated to have been born into a family that celebrated the ephemera of pop culture, threw conventions and film festivals.   I'm just surprised that Hallmark hasn't jumped on the bandwagon and created MAY THE 4th and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY cards.   Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if they already did!

Get to your comic shop and Remember:

May the Fourth Be With You, Always.


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