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The Angriest Prequel STAR WARS fan civilly speaks about the future of STAR WARS with JJ Abrams!

Hey folks, Harry here and I love this new age of STAR WARS chat.  The release of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is kind of the official start bell on STAR WARS EPISODE VII, very realistically... a new hope for many embittered fans.   When I talk in the headline for this article about the Angriest Prequel STAR WARS fan, I'm talking about Simon Pegg.  SKY had Simon sit down and have a way too brief discussion about STAR WARS - and before you watch that - watch this:


That's a very passionate and compelling Simon Pegg.  Simon is that kind of fan.  He loves this stuff, not in a dispassionate convenient manner, but in the silly way that makes you appear off your rocker to the straights of the world.   And he doesn't care.   Because, he's a geek.  I can imagine that on this world wide publicity tour for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, Simon has had more than a few conversations with JJ about Episode VII - but does Simon actually believe that anything will bring back his boxes of original merch that he torched out of his seething hatred of THE PHANTOM MENACE...   You can see that moment at the halfway point of this compilation of STAR WARS moments from the greatest television show in the history of the medium, SPACED.  


Yet in this next video - we see a Simon Pegg that has seemed to let go of his anger and hate.   But not completely.   Watch when he talks about JJ understanding Star Wars the way a real fan does - you can see the hurt that still marks his soul.   Here, it's like all the years in therapy have finally allowed Simon to not slip in a jab at the Prequels...  instead, he's moving past bitterness...   He has a new hope...


So - what'd y'all think of that discussion?  This is all so very surreal...

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