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Harrison Ford wants to tease you for the upcoming trailer release for ENDER'S GAME

Hey folks, Harry here...   This is a great novel.  While I'm not aligned politically with Orson Scott Card, his ENDER'S GAME novel and those that followed were wonderful books - and AICN has been reporting on the idea that this film was going to one day happen.   I really thought Wolfgang Petersen was gonna bring it to life, but it looks like Gavin Hood will definitely be the director to get the title to screen.   And the cast is promising, but that last WOLVERINE movie was a production mess for quite some time and I'm not entirely sure where the blunt of the blame should go.   But it definitely shook my confidence in Gavin.  I don't usually approve of posting the teasers to trailers - but given that I personally have been dying for a look of footage from this...  it did satiate that for me, so it should for you, but if you're asking me what I thought - there really and truly isn't enough in a 15 second glimpse to give me enough of an impression on this one.   However, I do hope that Harrison and Asa are a bit more lively in the film, than in their 30 second intro.   Which is a bit...  sedate and animatronic looking.   See...



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