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Mayhem-Laden WHITE HOUSE DOWN Trailer Reduces Washington D.C. To Rubble!


Beaks here...

I get the feeling that OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN was the appetizer for WHITE HOUSE DOWN's full-scale Emmerich-ing of, at the very least, our executive and legislative branches of government. Maybe the judicial takes it in the shorts, too. We'll just have to wait and see.

But judging from this new trailer, it looks like Emmerich has adapted nicely to the DIE HARD mode of action filmmaking. The James Vanderbilt screenplay sold for $3 million two years ago, and, having read it, it's got the potential to be one of the most satisfying DIE HARD-model movies in years. Also, consider this: Michael Murphy plays the Vice President. Michael Motherfucking Murphy. Get them midnight tix now, son.

WHITE HOUSE DOWN opens June 28, 2013.


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