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Parks And Recreation 5.22 FAQ

What’s it called?
“Are You Better Off?”

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay is credited to series mastermind Mike Schur.

What says NBC?
“Leslie celebrates her first year as a city councilor. A surprise discovery leads Andy to call the only man he knows who can help with the investigation: retired Special Agent Burt Macklin. Meanwhile, April gets some life-changing news, and Tom debates a big business opportunity.”

What is Andy’s surprise discovery?
Something he finds while looking for his hoodie in Ron’s trash.

Is someone offering to franchise Tom’s Rent-A-Swag?
That was my guess. But Tom’s guess is Babyface heard his demo and wants to offer him a record deal.

Give us a hint regarding April’s life-changing news.
It will surprise no viewer who’s been paying attention this season.

How does it start?
Outside Ron Swanson’s cabin. Leslie is passing out folders regarding Founder’s Week.

The big news?
This episode features the fleeting return of a beloved slumming movie actor. Hint: not Paul Rudd.

What else is NBC not telling us?
Jenny Slate’s character Mona Lisa is still Tom’s girlfriend.

What’s great?
Leslie’s description of the Rose Bowl Parade. The tragic misunderstanding described by Chris Traeger. Ann’s reaction to Andy’s discovery. The hospital stat that’s down 40 percent. April’s plans for creepy Armenians. The actor playing the guy who makes Tom the offer. “But on to less grisly news.” “Who’d like to start? Uh oh!” “Not what I said.” “We’re now ninth.” “Equal to a hundred pregnant manatees.” “Our Goo.” “That’s her brand.” “To humanity?” “Stop wagging your finger!!”

What’s not so great?
No more “Parks” until next fall. Assuming it’s renewed when NBC announces its fall schedule May 13. (For the record, I put its chances of a sixth season at 99.98%)

How does the season end, spoiler-boy?
Andy gasps as his mystery is solved.

9:30 p.m. Thursday. NBC.

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