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Hey folks, Harry here...   Do you get tired of the death and destruction that seems to permeate so much of our modern entertainment?   How about Aliens coming to Earth for Evil - and upon looking at our society...  they are completely unaffected and set about blowing our cities away?   THE HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK is a tonic that will satiate your urge for something that's about 99% Bliss.   This is a story about an Alien that came here to maim and destroy - but upon hearing Earth Music for the first time, he decided to stay - and to rock.   He has a family that doesn't know.  And the film is the kind of movie that you sneak up upon and revel in your discovery.    You won't see this film likely getting its due in the big mainstream Film coverage, but those that do point you in the direction of this movie...  are to be trusted.   To see the film is to love it.   That the band is real and the music is real - and that the film...  well it is just there to inform you of the alien presence here on Earth - and to teach you that screaming "HONDO!!!!" at the top of your lungs... well, it leads to happiness.   Behold the joy...


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