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AFTERSHOCK's Red-Band trailer has a ton of spoilers - but what it doesn't show is even better!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Nicolas Lopez's AFTERSHOCK - released as Eli Roth Presents AFTERSHOCK, is opening on May 10th, but as folks that attended last year's Toronto International Film Festival and Austin's own FANTASTIC FEST can attest - AFTERSHOCK blew us the hell away.   Eli Roth plays a guy with very little to no game.   He's hanging in Chile with some friends - and the last time he was in the Dating pool...  well Social Media wasn't involved.  Add to that, that he's in Chile and radically out of his element and Eli has a fun role here.   That said, his friends, specifically POLLO is really something to watch in this film.   Love his work.   This trailer starts to use the "only thing worse than Mother Nature is Human Nature" - and when I saw this film...  I had no idea of the third act terrors that were coming.  Something that you folks should know is that this isn't a complete exploitation fest...   The Earthquake that devastated Chile a while back was something that director Nicolas Lopez lived through and it was truly catastrophic.   That said, this is a horror disaster movie.   If you're sold enough to check this out - skip the Red Band trailer below - if not - let's see if this fires you up.   Here's my review from back at Fantastic Fest time!

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