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The First Trailer For The WALKING WITH DINOSAURS Movie!!

The long-in-development WALKING WITH DINOSAURS feature film now has its first trailer, via MSN.  A spinoff of the long-lived, hugely popular docu-dinorama - this new trailer is conspicuously devoid of the humans we've previously heard were cast in the film.  Which makes sense.  No disrespect intended towards the actors supposedly involved, but who's going to go see a movie called WALKING WITH DINOSAURS because they're interested in the people who are in it?  


The CGI looks like it's landing somewhere between JURASSIC PARK and Disney's DINOSAUR - which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering the nature of this affair, and its apparent target audience.  Although, honestly, I was expecting a touch more 'wow' factor given the show's past proficiency, and this movie's presumably upscaled budget.

If you've never seen a WALKING WITH DINOSAURS title, you can check 'em out via Netflix streaming HERE and they're also available through Amazon.  Fun and interesting stuff.  I'll be curious to see how this movie shakes out...




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