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Behold Unhelmeted Klingons From STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS!!


So BleedingCool has a look at the Klingons in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.  Thus far, Klingons in the Abramsverse have either not been seen at all, or remainded concealed behind masks like this:  

Klingon from deleted STAR TREK (2009) sequence


And now we know why they hide behind such masks:  because they're fuuuuuug-ly.  



When I first saw this pic, the alien played by Louis Gossett Jr. in ENEMY MINE popped to mind.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing - LGJ as Jerry the Drac rocked the hell out of ENEMY MINE.  

ENEMY MINE - Jerry the Drac


What do you think of these Abrasverse Klingons?  Are they too far removed from what we've seen established in TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES, the 'classic' movies, and TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION?  Or, does it even matter given the nature of JJ's rebooted universe and timeline? Disqus below!  (see what I did there?) 





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