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Final trailer for FAST & FURIOUS 6 perhaps shows a bit more than I need

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest FAST & FURIOUS 6 trailer, which is claiming to be the final trailer for the campaign.   But fret not, there'll be more exclusive behind the scenes videos, featurettes, scenes and commercials to increase your thirst for what will most likely be the highest high you've ever reached.   Right?  I mean, after the last one...  which I thought was just fantastic in a way than none of the previous films had touched upon.   A completely reinvented franchise that was breathlessly entertaining. Can they do it again?   We'll see soon enough.

One last word before this trailer - if you've already decided to see the movie.  Stop here.   There's a tease of a gag that I kind of wish I hadn't seen the start of.   Ya know?   Just a tad more than I needed.   Good trailer though - looks substantially insane.


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