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RED 2 has big bang bang bang Trailer out!

Hey folks, Harry here...   And RED 2 looks like it's got a good bit of fun eye-winking gun fun going on.   I love Helen Mirren in these trailers - that's the magic of filmmaking.   The first RED was quite a bit of fun.  I think my favorite reveal is Byung-hun Lee's contribution to the mayhem.   We first say Byung kicking ass as THE BAD in THE GOOD THE BAD THE WEIRD, then again in I SAW THE DEVIL as well as both G.I. JOE movies as Storm Shadow, so it's fun to see him sharing the universe with Bruce Willis again.   GALAXY QUEST director Dean Parisot is helming, so if it looks like the humor is a bit more aggressive...  well, I have faith it is in good hands, here's the spot:


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