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‘That’s Disgusting!!’
Sunday Brings MAD MEN 6.5!!

I am – Hercules!!

Last week. On “Mad Men.”

* Don cheated on Baked Beans to make a play for the Coca-Cola of condiments.

* Stan got stoned in a small office marked “Private.”

* Peggy stole Don’s act.

* Megan made out in a maid’s outfit.

* Joan and her married friend went on a stranger-kissing tour.

* Megan and Don found themselves propositioned by Megan’s swinging soap opera boss.

* Harry demanded a partnership.

I must say, Megan Calvert Draper has emerged as quite the “Mad Men” heroine. I loved the tact, charm and intellect she employed in breaking the news to Don that she’d just been assigned a love scene.

And I loved where they took Harry and Joan last week.

AMC says of tonight’s “The Flood”:

Peggy plans for the future. Roger courts a potential client.

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