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Hugo Weaving Goes Back Downunder For THE MULE!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Who doesn't love Hugo Weaving? Pinko Commie evil sumbitches, that's who! Now it seems the man is returning to his roots with THE MULE, an Aussie true-crime drama about a drug mule who is captured by the police.

Per Deadline, Weaving will be the lead in this film written by SAW's Leigh Whannel and Angus Sampson.

There's a noticeable lack of Blue Tongue Films people involved, which I thought was mandatory when making an Aussie crime drama these days, but I'm sure Whannell and Co will be just fine. I'm a big fan of Australian genre going back to the Razorback and Brian Trenchard-Smith days, so while this (probably) doesn't have a huge pig in it or (most likely) no Nicole Kidman in a BMX heist scenario I'm sure it'll be suitably crazy.


-Eric Vespe
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