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STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Round-Up: Clip, New Character Posters, And JJ Back For More TREK??




Sharing a few pieces of STAR TREK news which have recently come our way.  In no particular order... 

JJ talked to Playboy (we were only glancing through it for the articles) and the interview briefly touches on whether or not Abrams would return for a third TREK film now that he's been sucked into that galaxy far, far away...  

PLAYBOY:  Let’s talk sequels for a minute. Since you’re doing Star Wars, does that put you out of the running to direct the third Star Trek movie?

ABRAMS: No. I would say it’s a possibility. We’re trying to figure out the next step. But it’s like anything: It all begins with the story. 

Many had assumed we've seen the last of JJTrek now that he's transitioning into the Lucasverse - a franchise for which he's repeatedly indicated preference and affection.  Seems this may not necessarily be the case.  If I'm remembering past interviews correctly, I recall that Team Abrams had set their sights on three STAR TREK films total before either moving on, or re-assessing where to go from there.  Abrams' comment to Playboy would suggest this gameplan might still be in effect.


Also, yesterday we got two additional character posters via Moviefone - this time featuring Chekov and Scotty - who join the already released Kirk, Spock,Uhura, and Skerlock KhanderSmaug.  

STID - Scotty poster

STID - Chekov

Poor Chekov - so far he's the only one who doesn't appear to be doing anything terribly exciting!  ANNNNNNDDDD he has on a RED SHIRT! Uh oh.    And where's Sulu!?  You mean, even in Abramsverse TREK, Sulu is still marginalized?



Here's a clip that was brought online via TrekMovie, showing Kirk and Spock being chased by what sounds like a TIE Fighter.  






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