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AICN's Austin screening of IRON MAN 3... anyone wanna come?

Hey folks, Harry here...  got the final confirmation on this today - just an hour ago, that I've got the Highland Galaxy's 300 seater ready to unleash the full power of Shane Black's IRON MAN 3!!!

The word on this is already frying my mind.  I can not wait to see what Gandhi does with the Mandarin.   And with the Extremis storyline being incorporated...  giddy beyond words to have a bit of Warren Ellis in store for us.  And then the 42 armors.   And just to see a new friggin IRON MAN movie!  The start of Phase 2 - and in about 50 hours.

That's right, this screening is taking place at 7:30pm at the Highland Galaxy in Austin, Tx this Friday April 26th!!!

When I told Merrick about the screening, he was like, "Harry, why don't you just pick a few more movies and turn it into a mini-BNAT!"  And my retort was - COOL, I'm Down.   But I'm not doing that.  A BNAT really needs the ALAMO and me teaming up full strength!  That's what makes that amazing!

SO - again - we're against the clock on this one.   So as quickly as you can - do the following:

Send an Email to: Hk at AintItCool.Com

With the subject line:

I want to see the Newest, Most Breath-taking, Most Sensational Super-Hero of All!!!

Copy and paste that subject line exactly as written - you real Marvel geeks will get that as the subject line...    and in the body of the email:  Show me you're a Marvel Geek...   Best Marvel Geeks get in!  You also need to include your full name and the full names of your guests (up to 3).

Now realize, this is less than 50 hours away, so I will be quickly assembling the mightiest Marvel Marching Society I can - and emailing y'all back, do not expect tickets to be available tomorrow...   SO get to it!


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