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Benedict Cumberbatch wants to ruin Spock's day.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. John Harrison seems like a real asshole, you know? I mean, he keeps putting out these creepy videos aimed at those nice fellows that work on the USS Enterprise. Those guys just want to go where no man/woman/thing has gone before and explore. Why don't you leave them alone?!?

I know the movie is screening, I know some people have liked it, some haven't... kinda like the first JJ Trek. I don't want to know anything else! I'm getting so close to seeing it that I'm living in fear of spoilers like I'm a horny teenager in a Friday the 13th movie and the end of Trek 2 is Jason. I'm fighting for my spoiler-life here!

But the below video doesn't have any spoilers. Just Benedict Cumberbatch being threatening and cutting to Spock's core as a character. Watch out, pointy-ears!

-Eric Vespe
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