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Joel Silver is producing a film called HOME INVASION. I wonder what it's about...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Used to be naming your movie after a genre was a purely comedic move (a la Scary Movie), but Joel Silver wants to make a serious home invasion flick called Home Invasion. Per Deadline, Silver is teaming up with international seller Nicolas Chartier's Voltage Pictures to produce the tiny-budgeted thriller which involves a cat and mouse game between a family and some scary intruders.

I dig that Silver is supporting two new filmmakers in doing this project (writer Joseph Dembner and director Sean Carter). Silver and Chartier are both very smart and shrewd producers. I bet we'll get some good cast attached to this one.

YOU'RE NEXT seems to have re-ignited the home invasion genre. We have both that film finally coming out with a ton of support from Lionsgate as well as the Ethan Hawke flick THE PURGE this year. So, if you're afraid of masked people breaking into your house this might not be the year for you to go to the movies...

-Eric Vespe
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