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Still no Mohawk on Storm - 1st look at Halle Berry in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - UPDATED!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Now in the X-Men comic series that DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is taken from, Storm sported her long flowing white hair...  but given that some of us fans have been quite patient with the X-MEN Film's departure from canon...  what with them never getting the costumes or characters quite where us die hards would want, but a bunch of us were hoping - nay - campaigning to have Halle Berry's STORM sport her badass mohawk look from the comics, which would always look plenty cool - and would give Halle and excuse to give STORM more of an edge.   ALAS - it is still a dream for X-MEN fans.   Here's the look that she's apparently going to be sporting:


Well it isn't out and out terrible.   In fact it could look a lot cooler if her eyes were white and had a mohawk, but I guess it'll do. Just wish they'd hit a homerun with Storm instead walking her to first base with an ok look.   What's y'all's verdict?

Thanks to @chrisgallevo - we can easily imagine what Mohawk Storm / Halle Berry would appear - personally - I love it.

Mohawk Storm 

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