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D.J. Caurso, De Niro, And Shia Join SPY'S KIDS (Not SPY KIDS)!!


D.J. Caurso (DISTURBIA, EAGLE EYE, I AM NUMBER FOUR) is attached to SPY'S KID (not to be confused with Robert Rodriguez's SPY KIDS), based on a series of OREGONIAN articles by Bryan Denson which chronicled the real-life exploits of a father-son spy team.  Robert DeNiro and Shia LaBeouf are currently attached to play said duo.  

Jim Nicholson was a 20-year CIA vet who in 1996 was convicted of spying and sentenced to 23 years in prison, becoming the highest-ranking officer convicted of espionage. In 2004, his youngest son, Nathan Nicholson, began to seek solace and advice from his father in an Oregon federal prison after leaving behind a failed Army career and in a state of depression. The father raised his son’s spirits but also coached him in spycraft, in effect launching a second act of espionage from behind bars by using his son as a courier. In the ensuing year and a half, Nathan traveled the world selling secrets to the Russians, all the while getting deeper and deeper over his head.

...reveals THIS piece at THR.  This marks the third project for Caruso and Shia - LaBeouf previously appeared both DISTURBIA and EAGLE EYE.  LaBeouf will soon be seen in NYMPHOMANIAC, controversial director Lars von Trier's next picture 




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