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A Pair Of Empire Magazine Covers Have Superman And Zod Walking Towards Their MAN OF STEEL Showdown!!

The Kidd here...

Being on vacation all last week (Disney World - always a good time), I didn't have a chance to weigh in on this new look at MAN OF STEEL that Warner Bros. laid on us with an extended trailer. But wow... that is some exciting stuff sitting on the horizon for us in June. And it's not just the visuals, which were never a question with Zack Snyder at the helm... it's the hope, the optimism sich a glimpse inspires that we're on course to potentially see something very special with Superman's return to the big screen this summer. I remember seeing the early materials for Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS, and, while it was easy to be positive simply because it was a Superman movie after so long, I don't ever remember feeling like this heading into the film. In light of the events in Boston last week, this take on Superman with MAN OF STEEL seems to grab at that deep belief that there is good within all of us just waiting to get out at a time when it's needed the most (Nordling touched upon some of these ideas in his latest column).

So excuse me for a bit of giddiness this morning, just seeing a pair of Empire Magazine covers featuring Henry Cavill and also Michael Shannon as Zod. Warner Bros. has sufficiently done their job in piquing not only my curiosity but my enthusiasm to the point that I am ready to consume every little bit of MAN OF STEEL they are ready to put out there. Cavill looks absolutely ready to take ownership of this iconic role, and as for Shannon... look, the guy does phenomenal work every time you put him in a project, and, while I didn't have reservations about him, but small concerns about how you have someone else step into a role so clearly defined by Terrence Stamp back in SUPERMAN II, I want to see his version now more than ever. 

June seems way too far away... I want to believe a man can fly again right now. Until then, I guess these covers will have to help one more day pass by until that can happen.

Empire Magazine MAN OF STEEL Cover with Henry Cavill as Superman
Empire Magazine MAN OF STEEL Cover with Michael Shannon as General Zod

MAN OF STEEL lands on June 14... as if I really needed to remind you. 

-Billy Donnelly

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