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JohnAry's Video Review Of INHUMANS!!

John Ary here with a look at the latest Marvel Knights Animation release, Inhumans.

Millions of years ago, the Kree began experimenting with the DNA of primitive homo sapiens. Those test subjects later created their own civilization, developing advance technology and superhuman abilities. This secluded community of mutants now goes by the name of the Inhumans. In the late 90's, Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee reintroduced the characters of Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak and the rest of the family to comic readers with an Eisner Award-winning 12-issue run.

Now Joe Quesada has repurposed that story arc into an animated series, distributed by Shout Factory. Inhumans may not do a lot for fans of the original work, but hopefully it will create new interest in these characters for casual readers.

Inhumans releases tomorrow on DVD and its available to order here. If you would rather read the original story arc, here's a link to the trade paperback edition.

I just happen to have one extra Inhumans disc to giveaway. If you want it, follow me (@john_ary) on Twitter and tweet me the name of the gas that transforms the people of Attilan into super humans with the hash tag #inhumansdvd. I'll draw one winner at random on Wednesday (April 24) at noon CST. Also I plan to giveaway a slew of other Blu's and DVD's exclusively on my Twitter account over the next week or so. For more video reviews, interviews and features subscribe to the AICN YouTube channel.

Inhumans from Marvel Knights Animation

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