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‘That’s Not Going To Happen!!’
Sunday Brings MAD MEN 6.4!!

I am – Hercules!!

Last week. On “Mad Men.”

* Megan fired the maid and revealed to both Sylvia and Don both her Hawaiian pregnancy and her career-friendly miscarriage.

* Trudie Campbell revealed herself a world-class actress.

* Don met Heinz Ketchup, helped Sylvia Rosen with a cash shortfall and some Catholic guilt -- and subverted the aspirations of the Jaguar dealer who boned Joan into a partnership last season.

* Peggy made a clumsy gesture toward improving morale and received Quest feminine hygiene powder for her trouble. Then she gave her boss got some intel on Heinz.

AMC says of “To Have And To Hold”:

The partners work to keep the wraps on a secret campaign. Joan is visited by an old friend.

Linda Cardellini is going to be 38 in June! The Fuck!

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The Blu-ray second season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” $114.99 in September and $73.90 last week, has fallen (this week only) to its  lowest price ever: $52.49!! (60% Off!!) Cheaper Than Used!!

Blu At Last In 16 Days!!

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