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John Harrison Says Some Not-So-Nice Things About James T. Kirk In New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Clip!


Beaks here...

If, like me, you've had your fill of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS clips and just want to see the gosh-darn movie already... well, you probably didn't even click on this story. If you did click through, you clearly haven't been teased enough, and want another tantalizing glimpse of what's coming your way May 19th (or, if you live in the U.K., May 9th). In that case, here's Benedict Cumberbatch's John Harrison registering his disgust for Captain James T. Kirk. Enjoy.


STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will have its world premiere in Australia on Tuesday, April 23rd. You might find it remarkably hard to avoid spoilers from that point forward. Best of luck!

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