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LONE RANGER International Trailer is the best look yet!

Hey folks, Harry here...   This International Trailer is by far, the best look we've yet got on LONE RANGER - and I'm getting a strong sense of silliness and fun from it.   I guess my biggest curiousity that I have is whether or not I'm going to end up liking Armie Hammer's Lone Ranger.   The yelp he lets out when shot in the shoulder with an arrow did give me a great deal of trepidation that they're going to do to the Lone Ranger, what Seth Rogen did with the Green Hornet, while I enjoyed that, I think we could all agree that we would've have enjoyed a straighter adaptation - like the one that had George Clooney and Jet Li attached back in the day.    Sure does look like they've got a lot of fun in store for us though, why fight it?   Let's see if they actually hit their mark!


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